a quick note from our family:

I wanted to put this out there for anyone that had to cancel or lost a party (not necessarily with me or even a Game Truck, but ANY birthday party)..... No child should be punished because their birthday happens to fall at the same time as this terrible outbreak.  Forget the big jump park, play center, climbing gym or “public” type venues.  Instead, book a private party in a controlled, clean environment with an exclusive guest list (just your child and their best friends) and the birthday can be saved. 

Obviously, we are giving full refunds for anyone that booked prior to the outbreak and wishes to cancel upcoming parties....  However, I do want ensure clients that I am more than willing to go out and do events for anyone wishing to have a party.  I keep my Video Game Truck clean and have taken extra time to thoroughly wipe everything down and sanitize. There's also extra hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes in the Game Truck at all times.

Thank you & stay healthy everyone :)

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Become Master of the Multiverse!  This is the supreme birthday party idea or family event that will top them all!!

MultiVS: Play as a team, compete, enjoy different games; because there are plenty to choose from — all the newest games from Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and XboxOne with a "Game Coach" to help anyone who needs it.  Gaming for hardcore gamers, casual gamers and even guests with zero gaming experience.  Our game library is extremely diverse and the Game Coach makes sure all guests are enjoying balanced gameplay

Our game truck trailer features 8 widescreen hi-def TVs. 6 stations inside the truck plus 2 more on the outside awning station. Inside there's custom stadium seats with speakers in front and back.

We stay up to date with all modern games and also keep an emphasis on multiplayer games. This the ultimate party for any group to have fun together:  birthday parties, holidays, parents night out/in, BBQ's, tournaments, ETC!  There is no Game Truck today that will thrill your crowd the way we can!

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