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Video Game Truck Parties

The best party in the multiverse is at your house!

The section is currently a work in progress.  Please check back as we plan to add more helpful suggestions. :)

Sometimes a child may need a quick break for snack, drink, bathroom etc.  Please send them back to the Game Truck as opposed to finding a different activity, let them know the Game Truck is only staying until a certain time and to get the most out of us being there.

Please save as much room as possible for us to park.  The faster we are in position, the sooner we will be ready to go.  I'm always okay with starting early.

Don't be overly concerned about the weather.  "Bad weather" is actually better for gaming.

Cease other activities while the Game Truck is there (unless you are intentionally having a HUGE event with multiple activities going on).  

The outside awning station is awesome.  There's no extra charge to use the outside but please don't over-invite and rely on it.  We can't control the rain.

The awning station is mostly used in the Spring & Autumn (sometimes winter if you don't mind the cold) but on the really hot humid summer days, everyone would rather be inside the air conditioned trailer portion.

Tip for summertime pool parties: We also keep a towel in the truck to dry any seats should they get wet and still want to play inside the Truck

Tip for AM parties: You can have the Video Game Truck portion then lunch and still have the day to yourself

Tip for evening/late parties: You could do pizza and cake before we arrive.  Have the pick-up time for the parents the same as the Game Truck end time.  This way the guests never go back to your house and you can begin any clean-up while they are in the Video Game Truck.