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Video Game Truck Parties

The best party in the multiverse is at your house!

Multiverse Game Station is a family owned & operated company based in Middletown NJ.

Video Game Truck Parties Consist of:

Grand arrival of our loaded luxury game theater to your home or appointed address!

Inside the Game Truck, there are 6 main stations:  There's multiple consoles (PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, XBoxOne) at each station to make changing games easier and convenient.  There's plenty of options for 4 player games at each station. Having multiple consoles at every station means no down-time for any of your guests

Outside Awning Station: Two more widescreen TVs. Perfect for XBox Kinect, motion sensor & Just Dance games. We DO NOT charge extra to use that station.  


Stadium seating to allow more friends & observers.  We have a flat custom bench that goes straight across (as opposed to individual bucket seats).  This makes it easier for kids to change stations or join someone's game.

We also keep 3 Nintendo 3DS units in the truck, this way if a child is waiting for a turn they have something to play. (Sometimes someone doesn't want to play a multiplayer game and they'll just stay on the truck playing the DS)  Nintendo Switch is a home console / portable hybrid which helps add to this dynamic.

We are self-powered!  We have our own generator to power the Video Game Truck 

All of the pricing is based on time.  It's a matter of how long you would like us there, we arrive early to set up and start at your designated time, also we DO NOT have any hidden travel fees nor do we charge extra based on the number of guests: Click here for pricing.

Tons of game choices available, included the newest released titles.  Kids want the newest and best!!  Although we also have a large retro selection for parents and older guests.

Our certified Game Coach is an on-site tech that assists with playing the games and encourages fun and balanced play for guests.


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