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Game Truck Pricing

No hidden fees! We do not charge extra to play WiFi required games such as Fortnite!

Weekend Parties:  (Friday Saturday & Sunday)

1 Hour Weekend Party - $399

90 Minute Weekend Party - $449

2 Hour Weekend Party - $499

(Additional time: $50 for every 30 minutes)

Weekday Parties:   (Monday through Thursday)

$100 off the standard weekend rate listed above (for parties 90 minutes or longer)

Weekday parties also have the advantage where the host can pick any start/end time for the Game Truck portion.  

(personal tip for evening/night parties:  serve the food/cake/everything BEFORE the Game Truck arrives and do the Game Truck portion last)

3 Hour (or more) for events, functions & fundraisers etc. - please call or inquire

Saturday & Sunday A.M. Parties:

SPECIAL RATE!! Please call or email.

Starting at 10am and ending by 12 noon

or starting at 10:30am and ending by noon

Perfect for young guests who are up early and ready to party, as well as, active guests whom may have sports games and other activities in the afternoon.

*Any coupons or discounts are only good for Monmouth County NJ.

*Holidays are subject to the weekend rate regardless of event date unless otherwise specified.

*Parties outside of service parameters are subject to the weekend rate regardless of event date.

Every event includes:

Use of our full video game library.

Use of EVERY station; Inside & outside.

A knowledgeable Game Coach to keep the party going.

Air conditioning and heat.

Guest of honor gets to pose with the Master of the Multiverse title belt during group photo.

Invitations available upon request.

Current specials:

Weekdays (Monday through Thursday) are currently $100 off

Please call or email for Saturday/Sunday AM pricing


Video Game Truck Party time slots:

Friday Parties and weekdays are open to any start/end time:

Below are the time slots for Saturday & Sunday events:

Some time slots may be altered based on availability & location  (we arrive 20 - 30 minutes before the start time to set up and be ready on time).

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