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Terms & Conditions

Please examine your invoice to make sure your information is correct (date/time/location). Please note we cannot hold a date until the minimum is paid. This will secure your reservation and your booking is complete! 

BAD WEATHER: Our trailer was designed for all types of weather conditions - We come RAIN OR SHINE! The theater is insulated and climate controlled with heat and air conditioning. However, in the event of severe weather, we reserve the right to re-schedule your event. This pertains to state-of-emergency storms in our area only. 

REFUSAL OF SERVICE: Multiverse Game Station reserves the right to refuse service to client if we observe behavior which we deem to be a potential threat to our employees, guests or our equipment. Such behavior includes, but is not limited to, obvious intoxication, observed or suspected drug use, aggressive language or behavior, unsafe surroundings, etc. In this case, we may refuse to start a party or terminate an ongoing event. Refunds for refused or terminated parties will be considered on a case by case basis. 

FOOD/DRINK: We do not allow any food or drinks in the video game theater. 

TIPS: Your Game Coach will work hard to insure that your child and their guests have a great time. If you are pleased with your Game Coach's efforts, we encourage tipping as a means to show that. 

REFUND POLICY: The deposit is nonrefundable & nontransferable. We are holding a date specifically for you and turning all others away therefore we do not currently have a refund policy 

PRIVACY POLICY: We do not sell, share or trade your personal information with anyone. We do take a couple photos from every event (wide angle only, no close-ups) just so we can share online & potential clients may see that our company is very active. 

MGS TRAILER PARKING: We usually arrive 15 minutes before the reservation time and park curbside. Approximately 60 feet is required to park the trailer on relatively level ground for our electronics to work properly, clear from neighboring driveways (unless given permission to block) and fire hydrants. The safety of your guests is top priority. 

We DO NOT PARK our trailer into driveways or dead end roads due to the required turn span limitations and for safety purposes!!!

Again, we DO NOT PARK our trailer into driveways or dead end roads due to the required turn span limitations and for safety purposes!!!

DAMAGE: Multiverse Game Station will not be responsible for any damage to property resulting from a request by the client to position the theater in a specific location. This includes both above ground and below ground property/equipment damage. 

FAMILY OR MEDICAL EMERGENCY:  Sorry, proof of family/medical emergency is required is reschedule.  If we do postpone event within 3 weeks of the event date the make up date will not be held on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday without incurring loss of the deposit.

In the unlikely event that an event is rescheduled the make-up date will NOT take place on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday.  Please understand make up dates for ANY reason will only take place Monday through Thursday

Please be positive about your event date & time prior to booking. Once a deposit is paid we block out your time in our calendar and begin scheduling other events. Thank you for understanding. 

By booking a party and submitting payment, the Purchaser agrees to Multiverse Game Station's Terms of Service.

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